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University of Luxembourg, Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
University of Luxembourg, Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance

Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

2 Years


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EUR 5 000 / per year *

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* Year 1 | Year 2: 3,000 €



Entrepreneurship has become an increasingly popular activity that can be evidenced in different spheres of the economy and society. More commonly, entrepreneurial behaviors are associated with new start-up ventures where risk, ownership, and management are combined to exploit new market or technological opportunities. But such activities can also be seen in corporate, social, public, civic, community and small business contexts to reflect organizational efforts to sustain competitive advantage, uniqueness, and novelty. This is partly because the twenty-first century is characterized by a fast moving, competitive and global economy. Sustaining a competitive advantage requires that individuals, companies, and nations are able to anticipate and stimulate (rather than merely manage) change.

Entrepreneurship is about exploiting ambiguities and contingencies. More importantly, entrepreneurship is about experiencing a tension between ‘what is’ in the present and ‘what should be’ in the future – and then converting that tension into an entrepreneurial problem that can resolve the tension. Such a process demands concepts and knowledge from different disciplines and the integration of these concepts with the know-how and practical experience of daily business practice.

The program aims at achieving that integration, optimally balancing theory and know-how.

About Our Study Program

The Master in Entrepreneurship & Innovation is a program of the Luxembourg Business Academy, a privileged partnership between the University of Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

Le programme a reçu l'accréditation au semestre d'été 2021 pour une durée de 6 ans (jusqu'au semestre d'hiver 2027/28).


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