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Taking a place at the forefront of today’s tech world requires an engineer to have more than just technical expertise. It demands an engineer who also has the management skills and business acumen to lead. Become that groundbreaking engineer by joining us here in the heart of the Bay Area and earn your Master of Engineering degree at one of the world’s top universities.

The Master of Engineering (MEng) program at UC Berkeley combines a breadth of topics in business and engineering management, applying them to a depth of study in your technical concentration.

With a select student cohort, you will gain the management skills necessary to lead a complete spectrum of technology ventures. As a cross-disciplinary community of peers, this cohort ultimately forms a broad network of professional colleagues that you will be able to connect with throughout your entire career. These networks are reinforced through career advising and placement, access to alumni and industry connections, and other services.

Why Berkeley?

  • Real-World Application: Lead real-world projects at the intersection of engineering and business through our capstone experience program.
  • Capstone Projects: Engage in hands-on capstone projects with faculty, industry, and other partners for real-world impact integration of strategy development, IP analysis, communication effectiveness, business plan development.
  • Innovative Curriculum: Learn through diverse methods including cases, lectures, simulations, exercises, and technical research and design, with content developed in real-time with local technology leaders.
  • Award-Winning Faculty: Immerse yourself in innovative pedagogy. Experience case studies, lectures, simulations, and group exercises developed by leadership professors, students, and Silicon Valley industry experts
  • Career Acceleration: Expand your network through dedicated career support services and access to alumni, industry connections, and Silicon Valley luminaries.
  • Proximity to Silicon Valley: Gain insight from leading decision-makers and become part of an interdisciplinary student cohort and complete core curriculum together. Receive tailored advising with a focus on professional development and career services.

Engineering Departments

Seven College of Engineering departments, 35 concentrations

Seven departments in the College of Engineering participate in the Master of Engineering program at UC Berkeley. Students must apply through one of the seven to enter the MEng program. Berkeley Engineering is consistently ranked among the top engineering schools by many measures, including U.S. News & World Report, which ranks it as third nationally and seventh globally. Many individual disciplines also maintain top rankings among all engineering programs.


  • Bioengineering
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences
  • Industrial Engineering & Operations Research
  • Materials Science & Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Nuclear Engineering

Leadership Development

Beyond technology: the business of engineering

In the Berkeley Master of Engineering program, you learn from leaders and take away key insights from industry veterans and innovators. Your entire student cohort completes a core leadership curriculum taught by Berkeley Engineering faculty and guest lecturers with industry and entrepreneurial experience. The coursework covers key leadership principles and management concepts specific to technology-driven enterprises.

Capstone Experience

Real innovative solutions

Bring solutions to life with engineering skills and leadership practices

Partner with a UC Berkeley faculty member and their research team to develop sensor-based telehealth platforms for smartphones. Collaborate with NASA to design and build the next generation of planetary robot rovers. Work with a Fortune 500 Company or a new start-up to apply data analytics and machine learning to mission-critical problems. Whatever project you choose, the two-semester capstone experience will challenge you to integrate your technical and leadership skills to innovate in a dynamic, results-driven environment. Working with a team of fellow students, you will engineer solutions using cutting-edge technology and methods to address crucial industry, market, or societal needs.

Program Design

The Berkeley Master of Engineering program curriculum integrates engineering coursework with classes in leadership and core management concepts. You will tackle industry challenges through case studies and your capstone project.


Degree requirements include 25 units of coursework in three areas: the core leadership curriculum, your technical specialty, and your capstone project. The curriculum follows our integrative and experiential model for engineering leadership education:

  • Leadership Breadth: Gain a broad set of management, leadership, and communication skills you need to lead technology enterprises and ventures with our core leadership curriculum, a shared experience for all students in the program. (8 units)
  • Capstone Experience: Your team capstone project analyzes and addresses an industry challenge to integrate the core curriculum with your technical coursework. (5 units)
  • Technical Depth: Deepen your technical expertise with coursework in your engineering area of choice, chosen from among 35+ concentrations in new and emerging technologies. (12 units)
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