Master in Management Research
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Better control research and develop its successes!
Completion of excellence to become a senior administrator

The master Administration research institutions and dissemination of knowledge is carried by the ENS Lyon and Sciences Po Lyon, and is labeled University of Lyon.

It aims to provide a world-class education and training of high-level administrators capable of exercising management functions and management in research institutions in the private and public domain.

The master is a master ADMIRE 2 available in initial training and continuing education.

Training Objectives

The Master aims to train high-level administrators in France and Europe, in public and in private. After training, they will be qualified to play the role of intermediary between the academic worlds political, administrative and economic. This training is aimed at both students in initial training to professionals in training.

They will be able to ensure in particular:

  • strategic management of research policies and innovation on behalf of the European Union, the State, local authorities, research organizations, universities and business university hospitals;
  • engineering projects in the clusters, thematic networks for advanced research, thematic research networks and Care, European networks of excellence, companies and laboratories;
  • scientific development and technology transfer in research organizations, universities, research centers and higher education institutions and enterprises;
  • dissemination of knowledge and scientific and technical culture.
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