Official Degree Title: Master's Degree in International Marketing in a Digital Environment. You can also get a URL Own Program: Master's Degree in International Marketing & Sales Management

Requirements: Bachelor's Degree in Economics, Business Administration, International Relations or Engineering. Good level of spoken and written English. B2 English level required

Credits: 60 + 9 ECTS credits

Duration: 1 academic year

Language: English

Internship in Companies: 6 ECTS credits

Final Project: 9 ECTS credits

Academic calendar: October to June

Timetable: Monday to Friday, from 3.00/4.00 pm to 4.00/8.00 pm

Objectives of the degree

The Dual Master Program in International Marketing in a Digital Environment / International Marketing and Sales Management is a one-year full-time official Master (i.e. officially recognized by the Spanish government), operated within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

The objective of this program is to provide specialized knowledge in the area of Marketing. It is aimed at students holding a university bachelor degree, with no/limited working experience. It combines academic knowledge and applied an understanding of a different area of Marketing, preparing students to work in this file, which offers excellent employment opportunities in different sectors. Students will acquire skills and develop competencies useful to develop a career in marketing and achieve top management positions in the future.

Particular emphasis is given to digital and international marketing and sales management, with a view that students need to understand how companies can successfully integrate digital marketing in international contexts, which present specific cultural differences and consumer habits.

Learning outcomes, skills, and competencies

The Dual Master program in International Marketing in a Digital Environment / International Marketing and Sales Management will enable students to acquire knowledge, skills, and competencies, focusing in particular on international and digital marketing, as follow:

  • Develop strategic thinking behind the selection and entry of new markets
  • Take appropriate decisions according to changes in the external environment and market opportunities
  • Apply principles of international brand management
  • Create products specifically designed for international markets
  • Optimize the quality and contents of web pages, social media, and online communities
  • Develop effective digital marketing strategies
  • Implement digital strategies and promotional campaigns through mobile devices and social media
  • Plan integrated omnichannel distribution strategies
  • Understand the selling process in B2B international contexts
  • Organize and coordinate international sales management teams

While learning and applying new concepts, students will also acquire a set of competencies and transferable skills which are essentials to successfully enter and professionally operate in international and digital marketing contexts:

  • Team management
  • Integration of Information Technologies
  • International vision
  • Anticipating and managing change
  • Customer orientation
  • Corporate, ethical and environmental responsibility

Acceptance to Master's degree programs

Applicant Profile

The Double Master’s Program in International Marketing in a Digital Environment / International Marketing & Sales Management of the IQS School of Management is aimed at recent university graduates, economics, business administration, advertising and public relations, tourism. Also engineers as well as other fields, with a good level of written and spoken English. Previous professional experience is not a requirement.

Applicants to this master's program may already have acquired basic knowledge of marketing and basic accounting and corporate finance. For those students who have not acquired any such skills, additional orientation sessions will be organized (Marketing Principles and Strategies, 6 ECTS, and Accounting for Decision Making, 3 ECTS). The option of additional academic specific modules will be considered if necessary.


In order to access the Double Master’s Program in International Marketing in a Digital Environment / International Marketing & Sales Management, students will need to have obtained a Spanish university degree or a qualification issued by a higher education institution established within the framework of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), accrediting access to Master's degrees in the country issuing the qualification.

Students with degrees issued outside the EHEA will also be able to enroll in the master's degree without the need to validate their undergraduate coursework after IQS has ensured a level of education equivalent to the corresponding officially recognized Spanish University degree. The country issuing the qualification must be capable of issuing access to graduate level studies. Access via this route will by no means require validation of the qualification of the person interested and its recognition will not be used for any other purposes than for the enrollment in a master's program.

Transfer requirements

The Permanent Committee of the Academic Board, which examines each applicant and establishes the recognition of credits, will handle the admission of students from any national or foreign University system, that have studied at the undergraduate level within the EHEA framework.

In the case of students from EU member states, or from countries with which Spain has established international agreements, students are required to have a qualification enabling them to undertake graduate level University studies in their home country. Students from outside of the EU, or from countries that do not have an established agreement with Spain, must have passed the corresponding University entrance exam.

Completion requirements

Students must have earned all the credits undertaken in order to obtain a master's degree.

During the academic year, students will normally have two opportunities to pass exams: in January and in July – for the first semester subjects – and in June and in July – for the second-semester subjects, or for subjects that last two consecutive semesters.

If a student does not pass an exam on the second attempt, two additional opportunities will be allowed. In the event that the student still has not obtained a pass in the subject, they can apply to the Permanent Committee of the Academic Board for a final opportunity to take the exam, justifying their position. The Permanent Committee of the Academic Board will examine the student's case and may complement this information by consulting the master's coordinator. If a student does not obtain a pass after having been granted an extra opportunity to take the exam, they will have to abandon the master's program.

Job opportunities

The Double Master’s Program in International Marketing in a Digital Environment / International Marketing & Sales Management has a dual focus:

  1. A strong professional orientation for students wishing to gain the skills required for becoming a marketing professional in a company operating in international markets, or for entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own companies.
  2. A research focus for students that wish to go on to write a doctorate thesis(in which case they will need to complete 12 research ECTS as specified in the optional subjects) to be awarded the title of doctor from the Ph.D. program of IQS School of Management.

This master will prepare you to take on professional roles such as Product/Brand Manager, Account Manager, Category Manager, Social Media Specialist, Market Researcher, Marketing Analyst, Consultor, Sales Executive, in addition to many other opportunities related to the subject.

Additionally, once you have finished your master program and are a Master in International Marketing and Sales Management, IQS School of Management will provide you with access to its Job Opportunities service managed by the Faculty job center.

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