Master en Communication Marketing en Alternance


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Master en Communication Marketing en Alternance


ISCOM develops programs in Paris, Lille and Lyon in Marketing Communication, alternating school and professional training, offering genuine additional professional expertise to meet the major challenges of tomorrow's communication: the innovation, events, digital creation.

These bac +5 alternating programs are accessible by internal and parallel admissions, initial and continuing training (Contract period and professionalization)

Digital Communications
This program focuses on the stakes of digital communications and their integration into communication strategies.

Brand and Innovation Management
This program prepares students to adapt communications methods in light of emerging trends in research and development, information technology, technological monitoring, and strategic planning.

Events Strategy and Management
This program prepares students to conceptualize and organize events by proposing relevant strategies for brands to clients.

International Global Communications
The graduate program is entirely focused on brand strategy and project management in communications in international contexts.

Creative Design Branding
“Creative Design Branding” is a one-year bilingual program covering three complementary areas: brand strategy, consumer intelligence, and creativity. Course programs are designed to assist students to better understand brands in a global and international context, and may include courses such as international culture and geopolitics, creative and advertising strategy, international media, etc.

Brand and Innovation Management
Our period saw the rapid emergence of major sociological and technological developments that suggest large changes in our daily lives. Recreation, health, culture, environment, transport, education are all sectors where experience and great upheavals. Communication becomes a key issue for the success of innovations that deserve to emerge.

Communication and digital creation
All trademarks are destined to become digital, they express themselves on the web, causing debate among netizens, invent new online services to be closer to their customers. The brand must learn to express themselves in the world digital with the same rigor as in the real world by inventing a new creative approach that exploits the potential and freedom offered by information technology and communication. The creation and consumption of media are entering a new era that must make new talents emerge.

Strategy and creating the event
A program designed and facilitated in partnership with the ANAé (Association of Consulting event communication agencies). Meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions, road shows, event sites, internal events ... The intelligence of the event communication is multiple and helps build brands and their image, and the creation of proximity with their audiences. Event communication affects all economic sectors, strategy and creation are closely linked to the success of brand communication and men.

International Global Communications
A 100% English program to work on branding and management of communication projects in an international context.

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