Master Recherche - Spécialité Modélisation et Management des Organisations

Ecole Centrale Lille

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Master Recherche - Spécialité Modélisation et Management des Organisations

Ecole Centrale Lille

Master of Science - Speciality Modelling and Management of Organizations
specialty MoMO - Modelling and Management of Organizations - train sophomores Master for careers in industrial R & D, academic research and consultancy aims in the field of modeling of organizations (business information systems) and management of innovative organizations.

The main objective is to know how to design and improve information and organization of business and government process systems.

The modeling process is divided in two main areas:

- Modeling of Organizations: Led by Engineering Models, Modeling Business, Logistics Processes, Interoperability and ontologies

- The Management of Organizations: Knowledge Management, Change Management, Innovation Management, process of business creation, design engineering.

This dual expertise from research in engineering sciences (and more specifically ICT - Information and Communication -) and Management Science can provide methodological contributions to improving the quality and performance of the innovation process, design, processing, and deployment of enterprise organizations more broadly. Organization Training Type of education:


Teaching mix of lectures, tutorials, practical work, case studies, problem-based learning and consists of group work or individual

Internship :

The training period of minimum 5 months takes place in business or in a research laboratory. It should highlight a type approach research in the field of industrial engineering. The framework of the course is provided by tutoring a lab member and a member of the company if necessary. Opportunities Training



• IT Industry

• Business service

• Aeronautics, automotive, railway, naval

• Luxury Industry

• Industrial processes

• Chemical Industry

• Energy

• Utilities

Types of jobs available:

• Project Manager or involved in a project to design and deployment of an enterprise information system

• IT Project Manager

• Responsible for a project to launch new product  

• Responsible for a project of industrialization / development

• Responsible Innovation

• Consulting engineering and industrial organization

• Research and Development in Industrial Engineering

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Septembre 2017
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France Villeneuve-d'Ascq
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