Master Marketing & Communication Management


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Master Marketing & Communication Management


Bac +5 program (Master level 2) professionalizing communications, marketing and management for dual jurisdiction.

This program is offered at the ISCOM Paris.

Integrated marketing communications strategy and influence

Build and develop a brand identity, anticipate emerging trends support a company in managing its image among its various audiences, maximize visibility and ensure its reputation especially on the web, create commitment and conversational master a competitive environment, develop innovative communication strategies and create value: these are now the major challenges companies face. To control a communication policy that puts at the heart of its different audiences of the business communicators must have a global view and control all communication channels.

Make a difference by double competence

ISCOM has developed a BAC +5 dual jurisdiction program, which allows graduates of a university degree and professionals wishing to enhance their knowledge in marketing, communication and digital form to a year to influence strategies and integrated marketing communications to differentiate themselves in the company. Training focuses on strategic advice and operational implementation.

Pass theoretical knowledge to practice

The program is divided into 4 areas: strategic planning and innovation, corporate communication and influence, Integrated Marketing Communication, Business & Management and makes great to digital. The first 6 months of training combines knowledge and skill development through courses, workshops and conferences, a business game, business missions to business and marketing practices. The second part of the course is devoted to the professional insertion of 6 months in business, institution or specialized agency.

Trades prepared

At the end of training, graduates hold positions of strategic planner, consultant and corporate crisis communication, public relations manager, head of marketing and communications, brand manager project and rely on their double degree to enhance their business profile in France and abroad.

The profile of students and employees return to study after training

Graduates of a BAC +4 in law, economics and management sciences, humanities, social sciences, engineering school ...

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Mis à jour le March 15, 2016
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This course is Sur le campus
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Septembre 2017
1 - 1 année
À temps plein
Début Septembre 2017
France Paris, Île-de-France
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