Master Management

The University of Toulouse Graduate School of Management

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Master Management

The University of Toulouse Graduate School of Management

Master Management

specialty Economics and Management of International Tourism provides students with knowledge of specialization, a theoretical share in the international economy, on the other hand practical to become operational in the activities of international tourism and services including air transport. It helps develop cross knowledge, innovative, particularly because of its openness to international and sectoral aspects of the service economy and the international trading as well as political science and law appropriate to tourism and air transport. Conditions Access Access to this specialty is open to students who have completed 60 credits in the first year of master management, political science, law, economics, of AES or LEA, the degree of a Institut d'Etudes Politiques, or other equivalent, or under international mobility. Programme Semester 1

  • EU 1 - Basic Teachings:

Economics of international tourism,

Economic calculation,

Tourism businesses

Tourism law and international cooperation.

  • UE 2 - Additional Lessons:

Marketing techniques and Tourism Marketing

Economy of cultural tourism and social tourism

Economics of transport services,

Private tourism law and institutions.

  • EU 3 - Specialization clientele and international tourism markets

Deepening and retrieval of computer and English-speaking countries;

Deepening and retrieval and data on Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries;

Markets and tourist customers in OECD countries;

Markets and tourist customers in developing countries and LDCs;

Strategies and measures of sustainable tourism.

Semester 2

UE 4 - Internship (2-6 months) or research paper Stages A compulsory internship for a period of 2 to 6 months should be performed during training.

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Start Date
Septembre 2017
2 semestres
À temps plein
Début Septembre 2017
France Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées
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Durée 2 semestres
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