MS IVE - Ingénierie des Véhicules Electriques

MINES ParisTech

Description du programme

MS IVE - Ingénierie des Véhicules Electriques

MINES ParisTech

IVE MS - Engineering Electric Vehicles

(Co-accreditation with the National School of Advanced Techniques, Mines ParisTech and Ecole des Ponts ParisTech)

Echoing a general willingness of industry and government to promote more attention to the environment and more energy efficient mobility, the Master in Engineering Electric Vehicles (IVE) is offered jointly by four engineering schools of ParisTech partnership with Renault, with the support of the EDF Group and professional groups of the automobile.

This innovative technology training and professionalizing, in tune with the expectations of the automotive future, aims to promote and deepen the transfer of technologies to traditional combustion vehicles to electric vehicles.

Advantages of the program

This training is the first Specialized Master in France that addresses this issue. It responds to a strong business need for a genuine demand exists today to recruit experts in engineering electric vehicles.


To train specialists for the design of future vehicles by offering knowledge and methods in the following three areas technologies:

  • The first area rather proceeds from the informational: necessary changes in human behavior, but also use of new information technology to provide a virtual autonomy compensate the actual loss caused by the use of less efficient than energy storage in electric form (of fossil types).
  • The second area is related to electrical systems. The objective is to bring knowledge of technology currently available to perform various electrical functions ensuring optimal storage and management of energy flows in hybrid or pure electric vehicle.
  • The third area of ​​work concerns the impact of this mutation on traditional automotive trades. The objective is to review the methods of design and sizing of the vehicle architecture in the disciplines of mechanics, materials, acoustics, and mechatronics.

Skills acquired

This Specialized Master offers vocational skills extended to:

  • Identify contracts associated with the transition to electrification of autonomous vehicles;
  • Collect relevant scientific data and how to select the necessary technical information to the definition of a new product as part of an innovation strategy of a company transport;
  • Carry out design;
  • Carry out production and / or construction;
  • Conduct technical trials.


The training lasts one academic year from late September to the end of September of the following year.

Training content

  • Sustainable mobility issues and impacts of Electric Vehicles
  • Energy Electric Vehicles
  • Design Tools for Electric Vehicles
  • Conversions to conventional electromechanical wheel motors
  • Static conversions (Power Electronics)
  • Energy storage
  • Control and monitoring system project approach
  • Drums, acoustic, dependability, mechatronics HMI

Industrial sequence (30 ECTS) : professional mission in a company or organization for a period of six months full-time from April to September. This work is the subject of the writing and defense of a professional thesis late September.


  • Submission of application: from January
  • Selection interviews: June-July
    A second selection session may be held in early September
  • Theoretical training: October to end of March
  • Professional mission: April to September


Evaluation on scientific and technological knowledge and defense of the thesis before a professional jury.


This Specialized Master opens for careers abroad or in France within enterprises or national / international organizations focused on the design and production of electric / hybrid vehicles and developing infrastructure related to their use. Graduates will be able to quickly carry trades high responsibilities in an emerging sector with major global automakers or their subcontractors. They can especially be recruited by

  • companies transport equipment and vehicle manufacturers;
  • network managers passenger transportation companies;
  • service companies: Authorities urban transport, vehicle rental companies, taxis;
  • study and consulting firms specializing in land offices, urban planning, management of transport infrastructure.


Training of candidates in all business sectors related to the emergence of electric vehicles:

  • Design engineer;
  • Research engineer;
  • Responsible for economic studies;
  • Engineering tests and trials;
  • R & D Engineer;
  • Engineer in charge of technology purchases;
  • Patent engineer;
  • Process engineer in environment;
  • Engineering calculation.

With experience:

  • Head of R & D project;
  • Chief industrial project;
  • Director of engineering;
  • Director of R & D program

Industrial partners

The Renault Group is the main partner of the training received support:

  • Groups professional automotive (SIA, ARIA, GP27);
  • EDF Group through its subsidiary EDF Transport Electric;
  • of competitiveness clusters Mov'eo, I-Trans and Future Vehicles that have shown willingness to label this training;
  • Network RT3 MEGEVH (Modeling Energy and Power Management of Hybrid Vehicles) gathering ten national laboratories and seven industrial partners;
  • Pole Technological Research on the Control of efficiency of electric drives (MEDEE) whose L2EP the pilot laboratory;
  • International Campus on Safety and Inter-modality in Transport (CISIT);
  • Regional Council of Nord Pas-de-Calais and the Regional Delegation for Research and Technology (DRRT) participating in the financing of energy distributed platform MEDEE center for the study of energy management board and the impact on the electricity distribution network of electric vehicle charging

Required level

  • French engineering degree or foreign
  • Scientific university degree 3rd cycle
  • Business framework Bac + 4 with professional experience

Admission Requirements

Application and interview with a panel of teachers and professionals


€ 12,500 are not subject to VAT.
modes of individual funding and support are studied according to the status of each.
Possibility of partial support of training by Pôle Emploi, Fongecif, corporate sponsorship.


Classes are held from October to January in Paris in the local Arts et Métiers ParisTech, Mines ParisTech, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech and Ecole Nationale Superieure de Advanced Techniques
courses in late January take place in late March Lille Centre Arts et Métiers ParisTech.


electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, electric energy managements, sustainable mobility, design, electric transport, management of embedded energy, automobile manufacturers, equipment, maintenance, network interfaces and infrastructure, security and electric vehicle

Durée et prix
This course is Sur le campus
Start Date
Septembre 2017
1 année
À temps plein
12,500 EUR
Début Septembre 2017
France Paris, Île-de-France
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France Lille, Nord-Pas-de-Calais
Date limite d'inscription Se renseigner
Date de fin Se renseigner
Durée 1 année
Prix 12,500 EUR