MS Entrepreneurs

Ecole de Management de Normandie

Description du programme
EFMD Equis Accredited
AACSB Accredited

MS Entrepreneurs

Ecole de Management de Normandie

Program Objectives:

  • Learn to decide and direct
  • Making managerial responsibilities
  • Development of new skills in management and entrepreneurship
  • Overall vision of the company
  • Diagnosis and audit business
  • Development of autonomy and adaptability

future creators

Knowledge, coaching and personalized support

Before missions, students participate in seminars on specific themes each desmissions. Courses and lectures are given by specialists who bring their practical field experience and theoretical developments in their areas of expertise.

A coaching approach to business creation

In addition to this device individualized tutoring, individual support provided by professionals and consultants specializing in the creation and acquisition of companies, is available throughout the year to holders of projects to help them materialize. An adjustment of the 2nd half is possible that the establishment of the company is effective right out of the Master. Since the introduction of coaching in 2007, 27 students have created or taken over a business.

Pedagogy (teaching in French) Operational training with:

  • 2 missions in business and 2 real professional competitions conducted by teams of three full-time students
  • 1 internship graduation or personal creative project or business takeovers minimum of 5 months

Admission Requirements

  • The program is open to graduates BAC +5 (business school or management, engineers, university equivalent degree from a foreign university) and Bac +4 with professional experience consistent with training.
  • The selection is based on review of the application and interview with a committee.
  • Registration deadline: April 8 (first session), July 8 (second session), the third session August 19, 2011 (limited places).
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Septembre 2018
1 année
À temps plein
12,000 EUR
France - Le Havre, Haute-Normandie
Début: Septembre 2018
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Septembre 2018
France - Le Havre, Haute-Normandie
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