International Business Management (M.A. / (M.Sc.*)

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International Business Management (M.A. / (M.Sc.*)

Fresenius University of Applied Sciences


The English-taught Master’s program International Business Management builds on the economic knowledge and management skills obtained during your Bachelor studies and develops these further with a specific focus on international business. In addition, the study program offers an opportunity that is still very rare in Germany: By spending a year abroad at the University of Chester (GB), students can graduate with an additional degree – a Master of Arts (M.A.) awarded by Hochschule Fresenius and a Master of Science (M.Sc.), awarded by University of Chester. This way, students are ideally qualified to start their careers in an international work environment either in Germany or abroad.

Contents of the Master’s program International Business Management (M.A.)

Business success is more than ever linked to operations that cross national, language and cultural boundaries. Globalization and internationalization impact nearly every business model and company structure, with the sum of exports and imports across nations producing more than 50% of global GDP. The German economy, in particular, is closely linked to global processes as the world’s third strongest exporter and importer. Companies not only have to regularly represent their company interests abroad but also have daily contact with foreign business partners on all issues, from supply and distribution to marketing and recruitment.

This business context demands a specific skill-set. Companies not only need to have a detailed understanding of global structures and international regulations, but also the language and cultural skills to engage successfully with foreign markets. Half of the businesses questioned for a study for the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) identified foreign language skills as a vital skill1.

The practice-oriented master’s program International Business Management (M.A.) develops the key skills required for companies operating in all areas of the global economy by offering a generalist study with a specific focus on international business and management. The first semesters lay the foundation with modules such as International Economics and International Relations, ensuring an in-depth understanding of critical models, methods and strategies. In line with Hochschule Fresenius’s commitment to the UN Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME), modules on sustainability and social entrepreneurship also ensure that actors in the global economy are also critically examined on their social and environmental impacts.

Alongside these, various management modules address the required leadership and cross-cultural skills.

Subsequent semesters build on this solid foundation. Students have the ability to establish an individual professional profile through the choice of majors in International Business, International Finance, Marketing Management or Global Management, some of which can be enhanced through an additional M.Sc. qualification.

Examples from the curriculum include:

  • International Economics
  • International Relations
  • International Management
  • Financial Management
  • Advanced Corporate Finance
  • International Marketing and Sales
  • Digital Marketing
  • Strategic Management
  • Data Science of Business
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable Management and CSR in a Global Contex
  • Leadership and Strategy
  • Cross-Cultural Communication and Management

[1] DAAD (2016), Hochschulabsolventen mit Auslandserfahrungen auf dem deutschen Arbeitsmarkt

Career options for graduates of International Business Management (M.A.)

Students of International Business Management acquire in-depth, practical and strategic knowledge in various fields in international business and management. After graduation, they are ideally qualified to work in a wide range of functional areas of globally operating companies, in Germany and abroad. In particular, the option of graduating with a Master of Arts and a Master of Science degree within one program provides graduates with a strong advantage on the job market.

Depending on the chosen focus, possible work areas include business development, account management, financial controlling, marketing, human resources and business consulting.

Given the obtained expertise, Master’s graduates of International Business Management are also ideally prepared to launch their own international business projects, act as independent consultants and found their own companies.

Admission requirements for the Master in International Business Management (M.A.)

Students interested in joining a Master’s program at Hochschule Fresenius must be able to prove that they fulfill the following admission requirements:

a) A successfully completed Bachelor’s degree, consisting of 180 ECTS points (“Successful” in this respect refers to a final grade of at least “2.5”)

b) In case of a final grade below 2.5, an admission interview with the program director is mandatory.

c) In the context of the completed Bachelor’s degree, 60 ECTS points have to have been acquired in modules with a focus on business or economics

d) Missing ECTS points resulting from c) have to be compensated by an admission test or a topic-related admission interview with the program director.

Language requirements:

a) at least B2 level OR

b) at least 60 ECTS in an English-taught study program or having spent at least six consecutive months in an English-speaking country OR

c) Language test carried out by Hochschule Fresenius OR

d) Native speaker (individual assessment)

Hochschule Fresenius is a private, yet independently operated university, whose study programs are officially accredited and state-recognized, but not state-funded. Therefore, to continuously offer the highest standard of education, we are required to charge study fees.

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Octobre 2018
4 - 5 semestres
795 EUR
For students who choose the Additional M.Sc. Degree Option (M.A. & M.Sc.), only the tuition fees of the University of Chester apply for the semester abroad.
Allemagne - Cologne, Rhénanie du Nord-Westphalie
Début : Octobre 2018
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Allemagne - Idstein, Hesse
Début : Octobre 2018
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Octobre 2018
Allemagne - Idstein, Hesse
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Allemagne - Cologne, Rhénanie du Nord-Westphalie
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