Master en Management - Majeure Webmarketing

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Master en Management - Majeure Webmarketing

Groupe ESSCA

Specialization Master 2 WEBMARKETING

Almost every day, the Web offers new opportunities in business development. Detect and understand the strategic issues associated with digital technologies and master the tremendous operational potential, these are the challenges facing today while marketing manager.

Designed to meet the critical shortage of skills in the fields of the Internet, the program of Master 2 Webmarketing therefore caters specifically for students wishing to combine marketing and Internet in their career plans. They will perform in both agencies web marketing consulting and communications, and at the company who now invest heavily canvas.

The teaching of the Master was built on the basis of a competency-based approach conducted with experienced professional web marketing (Google, Intuiti, Geta Links, etc.), each providing specialized expertise in its field. Students thus benefit from strong academic contributions, supplemented by a highly operational approach concrete problems faced by businesses today.

The objectives of the training

Train future marketing and sales managers of organizations "pure players" of the Internet or any other organizations for which the Internet is or may become decisive.

- Take stock of the issues and consequences associated with e-marketing strategies, both in terms of organization, innovation, value creation and relationship to the consumer,

- Provide the future manager marketing essential technical skills associated with the web, with which he will have to call in a professional situation,

- Understand the behavior of the user and master new tools for analyzing consumer brand (e-reputation) and performance (webanalytics)

- Know the different channels, actors and tools of Internet communication and means of e-commerce.

The Job

All positions typically offered to graduates of business schools are destined for careers in marketing are available to students of specialization Webmarketing. This choice of specialization is therefore unlikely to restrict the range of possibilities, but instead helps to develop distinctive strengths to recruiters.

These assets are both "traditional" fields of marketing (and business) and new business generated by the specific skills needed on the web, business or consulting firm.

In job titles, reflecting new professions such as:

  • Web marketer
  • Responsible for e-commerce / e-business
  • Traffic Manager
  • Web planneur
  • Marketing consultant media on-line (interactive agency)
  • Search manager
  • Community manager
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France Paris, Île-de-France
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Durée 2 années
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