Description officielle du programme pour Diplôme en Gouvernance Territoriale et Urbaine

Diplôme en Gouvernance Territoriale et Urbaine

Ecole de Gouvernance et d'Economie de Rabat

Diplôme en Gouvernance Territoriale et Urbaine

Ecole de Gouvernance et d'Economie de Rabat

Degree in Urban and Territorial Governance

The degree of EMT in Urban and Territorial Governance aims to train professionals willing to work on the issues of territory in majority public structures. It offers participants the opportunity to acquire the techniques of urban and regional planning, and develop knowledge and skills sharp in law, public finance, social issues, sociology and management tools. Workshops and modules on cross-cutting issues are organized every week to put students in a situation. An internship concludes professionalizing six months training and allows students to gain real world experience of work.

Career opportunities for training

The second cycle degree Territorial Strategies and Urban meets a new need for highly trained staff in the techniques of deconcentration and decentralization, and their issues. Our graduates will be hired:

  • Local authorities, intermunicipal structures, prefectures
  • The central services of the various departments involved in land management
  • Consulting firms specializing in the development of territorial diagnostics, development of economic and urban studies
  • Regional investment services
  • The planning agencies and development companies
  • International organizations (under multilateral or bilateral, regional) implementing territorial development programs
  • Non-governmental organizations and associations.

Conditions of access to training

Recruitment is selective. Diplomas EMT meet a niche strategy and staffing promotions are voluntarily reduced.

For non EMT candidates:

Admission is carried out by a three-step process: analysis of the academic record of the candidate, a written test and an oral interview before a panel of academic and professional leaders of the diploma.

Applications are open:

  • to graduates of Bachelor's Degree (+3) (with as good or very good)
  • to hold a Bac +5 (Hons good or very good)

All candidates must have an important motivation. A good level of English (level B1 at least the European Framework of Reference), in French and Arabic is required.

Si vous souhaitez plus d'informations ou avez des questions, veuillez remplir ce formulaire. Il ne faut que 45 secondes pour le compléter.

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