Business Law and Management Programme

Université Catholique de Lille - Faculté de Droit

Description du programme

Business Law and Management Programme

Université Catholique de Lille - Faculté de Droit

Graduates of the "Business Law & Management" sector will be destined mainly to business lawyer business or tax attorney, lawyer or business tax in France and abroad. They will benefit from network partners and graduates developed by EDHEC Faculty and Royalty Free, which includes prestigious law firms and legal departments of business.

Assets that make the difference:

  • The acquisition of two skills added value increasingly demanded by employers and which responds to changes in the market for "legal, tax and business lawyers."
  • A strong program dedicated to the fundamentals of Business Law and Management, coupled with a more professional learning.
  • Obtaining a double degree Faculty dpi / EDHEC allowing students to seduce legal departments and business law firms but also to attempt the entrance examination at the École du Barreau.
  • Courses in business law and management taught in English.
  • Original teaching methods with interactive lessons, interventions practitioners promoting the sharing of experiences, role plays and case studies.

The training will also be irrigated by the original work of the research centers of two institutions: LegalEdhec and the Centre for Research on the relationship between risk and Law (C3RD).

Professional immersion students for operational

The "Business Law and Management" course combines his teaching learning professionalizing aimed at giving students the knowledge and skills required in their future function and make fully operational the output path. This professional immersion means:

  • "The law in action" and "One Firm, One File" professionalization these devices allow to expose students to the realities of the field through the study and analysis of real cases offered by legal departments and law firms to lawyers. This work will result in the defense proposed by the students in front of a jury composed of directors and legal counsel involved, and teachers solutions.
  • A mandatory 12-month experience in business including 6 months abroad (acquired during the three years of the course during training or gap year).

Obtaining a dual degree in business law and management

  • End of first year(L3)
    > Obtaining a law degree
    > Obtaining a certificate EDHEC "Business Law and Management"
    > Possibility for students who wish to pass the "AST2" contest (Master cycle) EDHEC (being exempt written according to their results in L3 events)
  • End of second year (M1)
    > 1 Obtaining Master in Business Law
    > Obtaining an Advanced Certificate EDHEC "Business Law and Management"
  • End of third year (M2)
    > Obtaining the Master 2 in Business Law Practice
    > Obtaining LLM Law and Tax Management
    > Obtaining EDHEC Grande Ecole diploma for students who joined the Grande Ecole program through prépas contest or AST2 (Master cycle) EDHEC.

Students can not validate their degree in fine condition as proven experience of minimum 12 months in business (including 6 months abroad) in the last three years of the course or during a gap year between the second and third year.

1st year

Licence 3 / Bachelor

The first year is devoted to the fundamentals of business law, economics and management. A transition module for a period of six weeks adapted the original curriculum allows students to acquire the necessary methodology to understand the course and new disciplines.

1st Semester

  • Transition Module (for students Jurists)
  • English (compulsory LV1) 45h
  • LV2 45h
  • General culture 30h
  • Methodology (common with students EDEHC) 20h


  • General Accounting 36h
  • Institutions and markets 18h
  • Macroeconomics 36h
  • Decisions, analysis and data 18h
  • English 18h
  • LV2 18h
  • Career center (professional project) 8h
  • 36h civil law
  • 36h commercial law
  • Droti 18h of goods
  • Total 1st semester student 382H

2nd Semester

  • Microeconomics 36h
  • Consumption and behavior 18h
  • Tax 36h
  • Behaviors and organizations 36h
  • Introduction to Anglo-Saxon law and 18h ​​Asian countries
  • English 18h
  • LV2 18h
  • Career Center 8h
  • Civil Law (security) 36h
  • Law 36h companies
  • Recovery strategy 18h receivables
  • Introduction to european law 18h
  • Total H2 296h
  • Total student 678h first year

2nd year

Master 1

The second year allows students to address specific areas such as competition law, criminal law, business, banking, strategy, marketing, corporate governance, ethics, ...
50% courses are delivered in English.

1st Semester

  • 36h Finance
  • 36h Marketing
  • Strategy 36h
  • Business game 24
  • LV2 18h
  • Law firms in difficulties 36h
  • French law 36h competition
  • International private law 18h
  • Social law and HRM 36h
  • 20h contracts and procurement
  • Total 1st semester student 296h

2nd Semester

  • Legal environment and business decision making 36h
  • Corporate governance 36h
  • Business development and innovation 18h
  • Business game 24
  • GMAT 6h
  • Informations contracts 36h
  • Right effects 18h trade
  • Law 18h funding
  • Criminal Law 18h business
  • International criminal law 36h
  • Technical tax 36h
  • Total 2nd semester student 282h
  • Total student 578h 2nd year

3rd year

Master 2 / LLM

The third year is dedicated to building knowledge in business law (international contracts, M & A's, IP law, ...) and business ethics, and the development of skills in leadership and legal strategy.
80% of courses are taught in English.

1st Semester

  • Legal strategy and legal performance 30h
  • Strategies in Litigation, arbitration and ADR 30h

Electives (choose 1 of 6)

  • Contract engineering 30h
  • 30h Structural Engineering
  • 30h tax planning
  • Advanced competition law 30h
  • Drafting and enforcing international contracts 30h
  • Legal intelligence and lobbying 30h
  • Risk management and insurance 30h
  • 30h financial engineering
  • Total 1st semester student 210h

2nd Semester

  • Intellectual property law in globalized and digital economies 30h
  • International tax law 30h
  • Corporate law and capital markets law 30h
  • Mergers and acquisitions practice of 15h
  • Compliance and risk management 15h
  • Economic analysis of law 15h
  • Legal practice and research 15h
  • Law 20h Action
  • Business ethics seminar 30h
  • Leadership seminar 30h
  • Total 2nd semester student 230h
  • Total third year student 440H

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